About Murdoch Finance Company

With our location in Southwestern Idaho and over 65 years of experience in helping borrowers with their personal financing needs, Murdoch Finance Company is your go-to business for honest, efficient service. Whether you need a helping hand before payday or you're looking to increase your financial security, we can help. We specialize in providing our borrowers with affordable loans, no matter your personal situation.

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Using collateral such as a vehicle title along with approved credit, we can lend you cash for expenses, or consolidate your debt into one payment.

Items we can finance for you include:

  • Motor vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles

  • Boats & other RVs

  • Home furnishings

  • Cash for any expenses using your vehicle title

If you're in need of cash immediately, don’t hesitate to contact us at our location in the Treasure Valley. We'll be able to send you a loan application immediately or you can fill it out online here. We'll give you a prompt, clear answer—no uncertainty or guesswork needed.